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Chanel Rimless Transparent Rectangle Sunglasses-Eyewear


Chanel Rimless Transparent Rectangle Sunglasses-Eyewear


  • Frame Material: Frimless
  • Style: Fashion Sunglasses
  • Suitable for: unisex, Long Face
  • Frame Color: White
  • Type: Light-colored Sunglasses
  • Specification: 52-16-145
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Luxe Vision: Chanel Rimless Transparent Rectangle Sunglasses

Sleek Sophistication: Elevate Your Style

Indulge in the epitome of elegance with the Chanel Rimless Transparent Rectangle Sunglasses. Crafted to exude sophistication, these sunglasses boast a sleek design that effortlessly complements any outfit. The transparent frames offer a modern twist, while the timeless rectangle shape adds a touch of class to your look. Step out with confidence and make a statement that speaks volumes about your refined taste.

Unmatched Clarity: Crystal-Clear Vision

Experience the world through crystal-clear lenses with Chanel Rimless Sunglasses. Engineered with precision, these sunglasses provide unparalleled clarity, allowing you to see every detail with impeccable sharpness. Whether you're soaking up the sun on a tropical getaway or strolling through the city streets, these sunglasses ensure optimal vision, enhancing your visual experience with every wear.

Ultimate Protection: Shield Your Eyes in Style

Prioritize eye health without compromising on style with Chanel Rimless Sunglasses. Designed to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, these sunglasses offer more than just fashion-forward aesthetics. With superior UV protection, you can enjoy outdoor activities with confidence, knowing that your eyes are safeguarded against potential damage. Elevate your eye protection game while staying effortlessly chic.


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